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Featured Image of August 23, 2019:

Recently replaced web cam on Boucher Hill showing the Milky Way in the night sky. Click on the image to watch the animation.

Featured Image of July 23, 2019:

Dramatic rain fall, as seen by an HPWREN camera on Lyons Peak. To see the animation of this event, please click here.

Featured Image of June 9, 2019:

Early sunrise above Ramona on June 6, as seen by an HPWREN camera on Mt. Woodson.

Featured Image of May 23, 2019:

Images and a video of a funnel cloud formation, which occurred between 14:34 and 14:42 on 4/22/19 on Mount Laguna, as observed by an HPWREN-hosted SDG&E camera. To watch the video, please click here.

Steve Vanderburg, Principal Meteorologist, San Diego Gas & Electric

Featured Image of April 19, 2019:

Moonset, seen from Lyons Peak with fog covering the city.

Featured Image of February 19, 2019:

The Mount Laguna Observatory antenna tower covered in ice and snow after the storm.

Photo by Andrew Farrow, SDSU MLO.

Featured Image of February 5, 2019:

A short automatically generated web camera video showing the Santa Margarita River of the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve on Feb 5, 2019. Note the waterfall in the back. Click on the image to start.

Featured Image of January 25, 2019:

Jim Hale (in front) and Adam Brust align an HPWREN antenna between Mount Laguna and the Palomar Observatory, following repair work on January 25, 2019.

Featured Image of January 8, 2019:

Sunset seen via a web camera on Santiago Peak on January 8, 2019.