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Image of December 31, 2005:

Initial more than five year old HPWREN topology
(pointer to the up to date version)

Image of December 24, 2005:

Temeku bridge project work at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Photo by Pablo Bryant

Image of December 17, 2005:

Up the tower, at an HPWREN backbone site

Image of December 10, 2005:

View of the Cuyamaca Mountains from the Palomar Observatory

Image of December 3, 2005:

Jim Hale installing an HPWREN antenna on November 30, 2005, at the CDF camp at Puerta La Cruz

Image of November 26, 2005:

HPWREN connection at the Mt. Laguna Observatory on a wooden pole, since its installation more than five years ago

Image of November 19, 2005:

View of the desert towards Toro Peak from the Mt. Laguna HPWREN backbone site

Image of November 12, 2005:

Melinda Booth of the California Wolf Center is experimenting with a high-resolution camera and a PDA for distance education, using wireless video and two-way audio

Image of November 5, 2005:

Bud Hale installing a support antenna on a microwave tower for the Border 50 fire ICP on October 6, 2005

Image of October 29, 2005:

Michael Peralta of TDVnet, working on a tower at one of their backbone sites, located at about 6400' elevation on Mt. Laguna

Image of October 22, 2005:

Inside of a satellite receiver, after the closed unit had been used by cats as a warm and cozy sleeping spot for years

Image of October 15, 2005:

The California Wolf Center pups born in April are growing

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Image of October 8, 2005:

Border 50 Fire Incident Command Post supported by an HPWREN link

Image of October 2, 2005:

Cuyamaca Mountains antenna pointing towards the Palomar Observatory, with newly installed tieback

Image of September 24, 2005:

Tom Scott, Dean, SDSU College of Sciences, presenting at the 2005 HPWREN Annual Users Workshop at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Image of September 17, 2005:

The HPWREN data link supporting the Incident Command Post for the Volcan Fire was in place until September 12, 2005

Image of September 10, 2005:

Helicopter airdrop on September 7, 2005, during the Volcan Fire near Julian

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Image of September 3, 2005:

View towards the La Cima area from the Cuyamaca mountains

Image of August 27, 2005:

Just another day for firefighters at the Ramona Air Attack Base....

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Image of August 20, 2005:

View from the Lyons Peak HPWREN backbone site on August 17, 2005

Image of August 13, 2005:

Pablo Bryant and Ron Serabia receiving 11GHz antennas at SDSU's tower.

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Image of August 6, 2005:

Bud Hale and Pablo Bryant are preparing an SDSU tower for antenna replacements.

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Image of July 30, 2005:

Pablo Bryant participating in a July 26th antenna installation on Mt. Soledad.

Image of July 23, 2005:

Returning from Lyons Peak after replacing sensors at a CDF site that are used by firefighters.

Image of July 16, 2005:

July 5 fire area which firefighters got extinguished right before it would have burned a TDVnet relay. Thanks, CDF!

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Image of July 9, 2005:

California Wolf Center puppies ready to pounce on each other.

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Image of July 2, 2005:

Cactus flower at the Puerta La Cruz designated CDF ICP site.

Image of June 25, 2005:

Equipment at the HPWREN backbone site on Mt. Laguna.

Image of June 18, 2005:

Pablo Bryant and Bud Hale after a successful removal of an eight foot antenna on Mt. Woodson.

Image of June 11, 2005:

One of several new Alaskan wolf pups born about April 30 at the California Wolf Center, as seen by the HPWREN automated motion-detect camera.

Two more images: (2) and (3).

Some initial howls from a recently deployed acoustics sensor at the Wolf Center, after a high-pass filter plus amplification using the baudline signal analysis tool, to reduce the wind noise wind noise: (1) and (2).

A different and longer howl file, post-processed by Erik Olson with his baudline processor to filter out some of the wind.

Another set of howls.

Image of June 4, 2005:

Antenna installation on San Clemente Island

Image of May 28, 2005:

Newly installed fire sensor at the perimeter of the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

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Image of May 21, 2005:

Test of a 360 degree camera.

Image of May 14, 2005:

Right outside the window of the "HPWREN Headquarter," a hummingbird is waiting for eggs to hatch.

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Image of May 7, 2005:

Pablo Bryant's May 2005 photo of this Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve inhabitant was taken on his belly from about 4' away. The Red Diamond Rattlesnake was 4-5 feet long and about 2.5 inches in diameter.

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Image of April 30, 2005:

With the beginning of the 2005 fire season upon us, the OV-10 at the CDF air base in Ramona is about to take off on an April 30th flight.

Image of April 23, 2005:

Pablo Bryant is installing a 3 megapixel network camera on a tower at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve on April 20, 2005.

Image of April 16, 2005:

This April 14, 2005 photo by Jim Hale shows Bud Hale install a 4 foot antenna above the HPWREN 8 foot antenna on Pt. Loma.

Image of April 9, 2005:

During the dedication ceremony of a NEES facility at Camp Elliot, a concrete column was destroyed.

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Image of April 2, 2005:

Regrowth in a previous burn area, surrounding the Dos Picos relay

Image of March 26, 2005:

Corroded contacts: a prime example of a failure cause. In this case from the PoE feeder line of a tower-mounted radio.

Image of March 19, 2005:

SDSU's Field Station Programs staff finished a new telecommunications site in the highlands of the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

Image of March 11, 2005:

Bud Hale on March 10, 2005, transporting an 8 foot antenna from Ramona to Pt. Loma.

Image of March 4, 2005:

A view of Toro Peak as seen on March 3, 2005, from Mt. Laguna. Weather is impacting some access link to Toro Peak.

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Image of February 27, 2005:

A wind sensor on Mt. Laguna that broke in violent weather, and which is soon to be replaced by a heated sonic model.

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Image of February 18, 2005:

A successful network/sensor equipment air drop on February 15, 2005 at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve is about to be unhooked.

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Image of February 11, 2005:

On February 8, 2005 Bud and Jim Hale, and Dan Zieber were assembling antennas for the new licensed link on the first floor of Palomar's 200 inch observatory dome.

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Image of February 2, 2005:

This Februar 2, 2005 photo shows the new HPWREN-connected GPS site installation at the Ramona airport.

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Image of January 29, 2005:

This January 28, 2005 photo shows the inside of the astronomer cage on top of the 200 inch Palomar Observatory telescope.

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Image of January 22, 2005:

The green desert after the rain is shown in this January 13, 2005 photo from the Mt. Laguna HPWREN backbone site.

Image of January 15, 2005:

This January, 2005 photo of an LBNL astronomy poster shows their distributed application, which utilizes HPWREN for data transfer with the Palomar Observatory.

More info at

About 47MB PDF file of the LBNL poster

Last year's about 22MB PDF version of the LBNL poster.

Image of January 8, 2005:

During a January 6, 2005 site survey on San Clemente Island, an HPWREN-connected sensor site was reviewed. It includes a meteorological and a seismic sensor.

Image of January 1, 2005:

On December 30, 2004, during weather-related maintenance, the 10Hz ultrasonic anemometer on Mt. Laguna shows significant ice buildup. As did the other co-located sensors.

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