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Image of December 27, 2008:

Changing beaches: erosion effects at Point Loma between May and December 2008.

Image of December 20, 2008:

Snow at the SDSU Sky Oaks Field Station, on Mount Laguna, at the California Wolf Center, and at La Cima.

Image of December 13, 2008:

Wind buildup on Mt. Laguna across more than a day near the desert-dropoff, based on minute by minute sensor data.

Image of December 6, 2008:

NASA Satellite Laser Ranging site on Mount Laguna, with a small prescribed fire nearby. The site also hosts seismic and Plate Boundary Observatory sensors.

Image of November 29, 2008:

HPWREN topology, as seen in a Google Earth visualization.

Image of November 22, 2008:

Jim Hale is watching Pablo Bryant during an ice shield installation at a backbone site.

Image of November 15, 2008:

Underwater camera tests at Cabrillo National Monument tidepools. The camera was just below the water surface. More photos

Image of November 9, 2008:

First icing up on Toro Peak of the upcoming winter, as seen by a ROADnet network camera.

Image of November 1, 2008:

Fog over the river gorge at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

Image of October 25, 2008:

View of the Coast Guard lighthouse at Point Loma. Roughly the middle of the image shows the solar panels of the installation that hosts the camera that took last week's osprey photo.

Image of October 18, 2008:

Motion-detect image by a network camera at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma of an osprey having caught a needlefish.

Image of October 15, 2008:

Update to the October 4 "mirror and telescope that killed Pluto" image, now with the mirror all clean and shiny after the maintenance work.

Photo by Scott Kardel, Palomar Observatory, Caltech

Image of October 11, 2008:

This October 9, 2008 motion-detect image shows one of the CL-415 Superscoopers taking off at the Ramona CalFire Air Attack Base.

Image of October 4, 2008:

The mirror that demoted Pluto and provided for other significant science: maintenance work at Caltech's Palomar Observatory, which allowed for an inside look into the 48" telescope. The photo was taken towards the mirror. More photos are can be found at /Photos/20081002/.

Image of September 27, 2008:

Fire plus eleven months: plant regrowth on Lyons Peak.

Image of September 20, 2008:

Re-alignment of the HPWREN antenna at the SDSU Mount Laguna Observatory, with astronomer and MLO director Paul Etzel working on the antenna pole.

Image of September 13, 2008:

Underbelly of one of the two CL-415 Superscoopers, which arrived at the CalFire Air Attack Base in Ramona this week as additional firefighting resources. Additional photos and a video are available.

Image of September 6, 2008:

Rain going by north of Mount Laguna on August 30, 2008. Click on the image for an about 2MB MPEG-1 time-lapse animation.

Image of August 30, 2008:

Preparation for antenna replacements on Mount Laguna. The photo shows Mike Datte, Andrew Farrow, and Ron Serabia.

Image of August 23, 2008:

Time series graph for the traffic volume across HPWREN from the Palomar Observatory, measured second-by-second for the 86,400 second day midnight-midnight on August 22, 2008. it is clearly visible that most of the Palomar Observatory bandwidth is requierd at night.

Image of August 16, 2008:

New HPWREN poster created by Monika Braun

Image of August 9, 2008:

Solar panel cleaning at an NPS Cabrillo National Monument networking site. Ocean winds throwing up sand near the Point Loma tidepools require frequent cleaning of the solar panels and co-located network cameras.

Image of August 2, 2008:

Preparation of a pair of radios for an upcoming deployment.

Image of July 26, 2008:

This picture shows the area east of Lyons Peak from almost the same location as the November 3, 2007 Image of the week, which was taken almost nine months earlier shortly after the Harris fire.

Image of July 19, 2008:

Flyer at more than 8700 feet. Photo taken by a ROADnet motion-detect camera on Toro Peak.

Image of July 12, 2008:

The Palomar Observatory's 200 inch Hale telescope (left) underwent an installation of a new instrument: Project 1640. The photos, as well as an about 20 megabyte time-lapse installation video are by W. Scott Kardel, Public Affairs Coordinator, Palomar Observatory.

Image of July 5, 2008:

July 4th fireworks over San Diego, automatically taken/collaged by a pair of network cameras at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument

Image of June 28, 2008:

Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) of the Scripps Institition of Oceanography. More information about FLIP can be found at

Image of June 21, 2008:

Summer solstice sunrise over San Diego, as seen with a networked camera at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of June 14, 2008:

360 degree view around a tower site. The enlarged image is almost 41 megapixels in size.

Image of June 7, 2008:

Jim Hale participating in setting up a wireless network for the May 30/31 National Geographic and National Park Service BioBliz event at Paramount Ranch, to identify the diverse species in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. More photos are at /Photos/20080604/.

Image of May 31, 2008:

Image taken by a networked HPWREN motion detect camera during this weekend's airshow at the Ramona airport (Cal Fire Air Attack Base). Time lapse animations of the morning and the afternoon.

Image of May 24, 2008:

Late May 2008 on Toro Peak.
Animations from the evening of May 22 15 megabyte MPEG-1 or 4.3 megabyte MPEG-4.
Animations from the morning of May 23 61 megabyte MPEG-1 or 13 megabyte MPEG-4.

Image of May 17, 2008:

Fog over San Diego. Photo taken by an automated network camera at the Point Loma NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of May 10, 2008:

Mike Datte, during an antenna installation at an HPWREN backbone site.

Image of May 3, 2008:

.... and another fire season reminder. This photo was taken by Ron Serabia over a fire on April 28, 2008.

Image of April 26, 2008:

.... and remember, fire season will be upon us soon. This photo of a fire plume was taken via motion-detect by a south pointing camera on Lyons Peak on Saturday.

Image of April 19, 2008:

Poster created by Monika Braun about a San Diego State University RiverNet event

Image of April 12, 2008:

Almost 44 megapixel 360 degree view at the Palomar Observatory

Image of April 5, 2008:

"Is this great food or what?"

Image of March 29, 2008:

Work on the 155Mbps radio at the Palomar Observatory, with the 48" telescope dome in the background.

Image of March 22, 2008:

On the roof of the UCSD San Diego Supercomputer Center, with multiple Scripps Institution of Oceanography satellite antennas, as well as an HPWREN antenna (on the right, for an 11GHz 155Mbps link).

Image of March 15, 2008:

Solar-powered Tribal Digital Village Network backbone site.

Image of March 8, 2008:

View of the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve's river crossing. Clicking on the image will show a 1.2MB Flash video at 480x270 resolution. A 37MB 1920x1080 HD version is also available.

Image of March 1, 2008:

Wolves at the California Wolf Center. HPWREN supports real-time and motion-detect images, as well as time-lapse animations from a network camera at the CWC.

Image of February 16, 2008:

Lunar eclipse on February 20 over downtown San Diego, as seen by network cameras from the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

The image is a small part of an about 20 megapixel dual-camera composite.

Image of February 16, 2008:

Thursday evening and Friday morning images of snow surrounding Ramona.

Caution: the top image expands to about 38 megapixels, and the bottom image expands to about 53 megapixels

Image of February 10, 2008:

Evening alignment of a new antenna at the Palomar Observatory, with the dome already open.

Image of February 2, 2008:

Antennas and a "heated" anemometer at an HPWREN backbone site on Mt. Laguna.

Image of January 26, 2008:

Day and night at CNM Point Loma.

Image of January 19, 2008:

Ron Serabia and Jim Hale are unloading three large antennas, previously assembled at the Palomar Observatory, for temporary storage at the Ramona Cal Fire Air Attack Base.

Image of January 12, 2008:

Six new antennas for three OC3 links are being stored and assembled on the floor below the 200" telescope at the Palomar Observatory by HPWREN and Observatory staff.

Image of January 5, 2008:

Sunset view from an HPWREN backbone site in the Cuyamaca Mountains. Point Loma is visible in the background.