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Image of December 30, 2006:

Some of the interferometer optics at the Palomar Observatory.

Image of December 23, 2006:

Part of a flock of wild geese over Ramona, on their recent daily travels between locations in San Diego county.

Image of December 16, 2006:

An egret at the Cabrillo National Monument during a distance education event.

Image of December 9, 2006:

Tide pools at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of December 2, 2006:

New HPWREN backbone equipment location at San Diego State University.

Image of November 25, 2006:

Assembly of a new eight foot ultra-high performance antenna for HPWREN upgrades on Mt. Laguna. The photo shows Christian Braun and Bud Hale at the antenna, and Jim Hale in the background.

Image of November 18, 2006:

HPWREN equipment at the Palomar Observatory. Top to bottom: power supply, DS3-Ethernet converter, radio, measurement machine, router, switch. The UPS is shown on the left. The thick black heliax cable goes to the outside of the telescope building to connect the antenna.

Image of November 11, 2006:

HPWREN relay near the La Cima CDF Conservation Camp

Image of November 4, 2006:

SDSC's Kevin Walsh (middle), Sebastian Allen (left), and Jim Hale (right) setting up the CI Channel distribution and general network connectivity on November 2, 2006, for the 2006 Annual HPWREN Users Workshop next day in the OV-10 hangar at the CDF air base in Ramona.

Image of October 28, 2006:

Pool test of a small ROV, for testing and gaining experience prior to expected deployment in tide pools and the kelp forest off Point Loma, in collaboration with the National Park Services. Real-time video from the ROV was watched by a high-school class in Florida.

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~20 megabyte time-lapse animation of 4-second-interval images seen by the ROV's camera

Image of October 21, 2006:

Unloading of new 8 foot antannas for HPWREN's first OC3-capacity link.

Image of October 14, 2006:

Wet climate over Temecula, as seen from an HPWREN-connected camera at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. Also available at it's whole day animation.

Real-time animations are available for various cameras at /cameras/ where they are available via an "a" label.

Note: The animations may not play on all platforms

Image of October 7, 2006:

Point Loma view during a site survey and testing activity at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of September 30, 2006:

Rain sensor cleaning in the highlands of the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

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Image of September 23, 2006:

View of Mt. Woodson from the CDF Ramona Air Attack Base, as seen from the pilot seat through the window of the S-2 1,200 gallon fire retardant airtanker 71.

Image of September 16, 2006:

HPWREN's highest elevation location is Toro Peak in Riverside County. From about 8700' it connects to an HPWREN backbone location on Mt. Laguna in support of various site surrounding Toro Peak.

Image of September 9, 2006:

SDSU/SMER water sensor in the Santa Margarita river

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Image of September 2, 2006:

South view out of a new telescope dome at San Diego State University's Mount Laguna Observatory, with another dome and the HPWREN antenna visible in the background.

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Image of August 26, 2006:

Sensors at San Diego State University's Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, with cameras and the HPWREN-connection antenna in the background.

Image of August 12, 2006:

Ready for sunrise

Image of August 12, 2006:

River crossing at the HPWREN-connected SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Image of August 5, 2006:

View of a fire, as seen by Captain Ron from a CDF OV10

Image of July 26, 2006:

Jim Hale, finishing the Lyons Peak installation for the HPWREN link to the Horse Fire Incident Command Post

Image of July 22, 2006:

Jim Hale, honing his skills.

Image of July 15, 2006:

Flyby at about 8700 feet. Taken by a ROADNet motion detect camera on Toro Peak.

Image of July 8, 2006:

Ron Serabia and Jim Hale are working on installing a 4.9GHz radio at the Ramona CDF Firefighter Air Attack Base. The radio replaced a recently installed 5.8GHz link, and was using 2.4GHz before that.

Image of July 1, 2006:

An approximately 2PM image of a fire at I-15 on June 30, 2006 which threatened the San Diego State University Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, as seen from an SDSU SMER wide-angle network camera, and sent across HPWREN.

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Image of June 24, 2006:

This photo, taken across the top of a CDF fire-retardent tanker during the Ramona Air Show, shows the HPWREN exhibit in the CDF area above the airplane elevator on the right.

Image of June 17, 2006:

Bud Hale on the High Seas, not forgetting his HPWREN history. Bud commented: "Here's the photo of me changing the humidity sensor on the weather tower in the bow. It' s different when your tower moves feet with every pitch of the ship."

Image of June 10, 2006:

Remotely observed non-HPWREN antenna installation.

Image of June 3, 2006:

Preparational work on the roof of the San Diego Supercomputer Center for a 5.8 GHz replacement link to San Clemente Island. This link is to replace a several years old 2.4GHz link.

Image of May 27, 2006:

TDVnet relay in the Los Coyotes Native American reservation, serving two reservation-local location, and connecting back to a TDVnet backbone site in the Mesa Grande area.

Image of May 20, 2006:

During the May 15-17 San Diego County Wildland Fire Drill, held at the Dos Picos County Park, Ron Serabia presented about HPWREN activities. HPWREN provided data connectivity for the event, and demonstrated Voice-over-IP and video teleconferencing.

Photo by Jim Davidson

Image of May 13, 2006:

HPWREN tower climbing rescue class at a UCSD Structural Engineering laboratory on May 12, 2006. In this photo Pablo Bryant is the first to repell down from the about 50' level.

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Image of May 7, 2006:

Another HPWREN poster created by Monika Braun, as part of a desktop publishing class she is taking

4.3MB PDF version

Image of April 29, 2006:

This photo shows the outdoor unit of new Harris radios in praparation for bench testing. These radios are a new generation of high-speed radios to be used for some HPWREN backbone links.

Image of April 22, 2006:

Jim Hale and Pablo Bryant are installing a new six foot antenna at a tower that supports the HPWREN backbone site at San Diego State University. The objective is to reach multiple research and education projects via an additional relay on the roof of the UCSD Hillcrest hospital.

Image of April 15, 2006:

Collaboration poster for the SDSU exhibit at two Fallbrook fairs.
90MB PDF version

Image of April 8, 2006:

Pablo Bryant of the SDSU Field Station Programs took this photo of a battery-powered radio repeater site he created. This facilitated a connection on Sunday, April 2, 2006, between the HPWREN backbone and a Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve exhibit at the Fallbrook Art of the Flower Festival. The link is expected to be re-used for a SMER exhibit at the April 23, 2006, Fallbrook Avocado Festival.

Image of April 1, 2006:

"Camera tree" at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. This includes an initial test deployment of a new multi-camera prototype, which utilizes three cameras to derive an approximately 180 degree view. This "tree" has a wireless connection to the HPWREN network.

Image of March 25, 2006:

Simple composite of images from three 8 megapixel cameras as an automated and networked 180 degree array, as an about 22 megapixel image.
NOTE: The image is almost four megabytes in size.

Image of March 18, 2006:

Multi-photo combined image from the Cabrillo National Monument across San Diego into snow-covered mountains.
NOTE: The image is more than a megabyte in size.

More photos: /Photos/20060313

Image of March 11, 2006:

Mark VanScoy and Pablo Bryant working at an HPWREN backbone location

Image of March 4, 2006:

Prototype of a low-cost networked camera alternative to href:// with USB extender

Image of February 24, 2006:

Time-lapse photo of Palomar's 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope engaged in the search for near-Earth asteroids. It shows the Earth's rotation with the stars trailing about the North Pole in the sky and the motion of the telescope and dome. The 45Mbps HPWREN antenna is at the right of the image.

Photo by Scott Kardel, Public Affairs Coordinator, Palomar Observatory

Image of February 18, 2006:

Wolves at the California Wolf Center enjoying the snow

Image of February 11, 2006:

Tower climbing and rescue class at a County facility

Image of February 2, 2006:

HPWREN began upgrading backbone sites with programmable power strips, to control individual outlets

Image of January 28, 2006:

Aerial acrobats

Image of January 21, 2006:

A visitor at an HPWREN backbone site triggering camera motion-detect

Image of January 14, 2006:

UCSD CSE professor Tajana Simunic Rosing climbing a TDVnet tower above Pauma Valley

Image of January 7, 2006:

Todd Hansen and Jim Hale utilizing a spectrum analyzer on Mt. Laguna to determine possible interference sources