Image of December 25, 2004:

This December 20, 2004 photo shows part of a burned out power supply of the Mount Woodson end of the licensed link to the Cuyamaca Mountains.

Image of December 17, 2004:

"First light" is seen on the Palomar Observatory's 1.36 terabyte astronomy image cache server at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on December 17, 2004 by Jim Hale and Caltech's Dan Zieber.

Image of December 11, 2004:

This December 11, 2004 photo shows Bud Hale and Ron Serabia install a radio and antenna on Mt. Woodson for a link to a relay above Dos Picos.

More installation photos

Image of December 4, 2004:

This December 3, 2004 telelens photo of the sunset over the ocean was taken from the HPWREN backbone site on Mt. Woodson.

Image of November 28, 2004:

In this 2002 photo, Bud Hale, HPWREN team member, is taking his well deserved safety nap during a tower installation on Mt. Soledad.

Image of November 20, 2004:

This November 10, 2004 photo of the HPWREN antenna pointing to Mt. Woodson in the Cuyamaca Mountains shows the proximity of burned trees next to the antenna, and how close the 2003 Cedar Fire got to the site.

Image of November 12, 2004:

This November 12, 2004 photo shows Steve Wolff next to the main HPWREN antenna and behind SIO's HiSeasNet ship communications antenna at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Steve was division director for networking at the National Science Foundation during the NSFNET era -- the NSF project that used DoD research results to create today's large-scale Internet between approximately the mid-1980s and the mid-1990s.

Image of November 6, 2004:

This November 1, 2004 image shows recently updated HPWREN meteorological sensors on a microwave tower at Mt. Laguna.

Image of October 30, 2004:

The flood image was captured by a network camera in the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve around the river crest time on October 27, and compared to an image taken late afternoon on October 26.

October 26, 2004 image
October 27, 2004 image

Image of October 23, 2004:

This picture was captured on October 21, 2004 with an HPWREN motion detect camera at the California Wolf Center. These guys have found something interesting to smell! Fact: a wolf's sense of smell is estimated to be one hundred times more sensitive than that of a human.

Image of October 16, 2004:

This photo was taken by Chris McNeil of TDVnet/TAMSCO on August 6, 2004 of a set of solar panels being flown to a TDVnet relay site at Ewaaiipaayp on Mt. Laguna.

Image of October 9, 2004:

This image was captured automatically on August 19, 2004 by a wide-angle HPWREN motion detect camera on Lyons Peak

Image of October 2, 2004:

This February 2004 photo shows the Ramona CDF firefigher air base. The HPWREN antenna is at the tower left of the building.

Image of September 26, 2004:

Scott Kardel of Caltech's Palomar Observatory took this photo on September 23, 2004, of the Palomar 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope and the HPWREN antenna.