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Image of December 29, 2007:

This almost 20 megapixel panorama is constructed from two National Park Service networked-camera images at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of December 22, 2007:

New link between the Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) and the HPWREN backbone site on Mt. Soledad. The link was installed and is maintained by Glen Offield of the IGPP; he also provided the photos.

Image of December 15, 2007:

This 7.24 megabyte 23,634x2,143 pixel image of the partly burned Ramona valley was taken as 23 individual images on December 12, 2007. It also shows snow in the background on Palomar Mountain.

Image of December 8, 2007:

Communications experiment with the CALFIRE Ramona AAB OV-10, outside the plane (showing Jim Hale), and inside the tail cone (althought it turned out that the cone structure did not allow for communication from inside).

Image of December 1, 2007:

Indoor part of a radio for a hopefully soon deployed first HPWREN OC3-capacity backbone link.

Image of November 24, 2007:

A power supply from an HPWREN backbone link, which, unrelated to recent fires, and after years of operation, decided to partially burn.

Image of November 17, 2007:

The underside of a skycrane, used for firefighting operations at the Ramona airport. Jim Hale (left) is being shown around by the co-pilot. More photos.

Image of November 10, 2007:

Kimberly Mann Bruch presenting on HPWREN impact studies during the recent HPWREN Annual Users meeting at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of November 3, 2007:

View from Lyons Peak across some of the burn area of the Harris Fire.

Image of October 28, 2007:

Dan Cayan (UCSD/SIO Climate Research Division) at what is left over from his house, with a burnt HPWREN radio.

Image of October 20, 2007:

Jim Hale, preparing an antenna for lift by helicopter near an HPWREN backbone site. More details at /news/20071017/.

Image of October 13, 2007:

As part of a link upgrade at a Mt. Laguna backbone site, Pablo Bryant is attaching the old 8' antenna to a crane for removal.

Image of October 6, 2007:

"Wildlife" caught by a network motion detect camera near an HPWREN backbone site.

Image of September 29, 2007:

Leaving an HPWREN backbone site after a failed router was replaced.

Image of September 22, 2007:

This photo shows the enclosure, in the background, of a newly installed air quality camera at Point Loma.

Image of September 15, 2007:

Early phase of the Pine Fire, as seen by an HPWREN camera on Mt. Laguna at 12:38 on September 12, 2007.

Image of September 8, 2007:

New all-digital-output solid state weather station, rigged for power-over-Ethernet use. It measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, rain, hail, and its supplied voltage.

Image of September 1, 2007:

This image was taken automatically by a motion-detect network camera at the National Park Service's Cabrillo National Monument near the point at Point Loma.

Image of August 18, 2007:

Developing cloud cover below Toro Peak, as seen by a ROADnet camera.

Image of August 18, 2007:

View of the 200 inch telescope at the Palomar Observatory.

Image of August 11, 2007:

Tower climbing/rescue exercise at a microwave tower site on the HPWREN backbone.

Image of August 4, 2007:

The Palomar Observatory's 200 inch Hale telescope near the beginning of a nightly run, with the dome and the mirror covers already open, and the telescope having somewhat moved from the resting position it is in during the day.

Image of July 28, 2007:

Motion-detect image taken by a network camera at an HPWREN backbone site on Mount Laguna.

Image of July 21, 2007:

Paul Etzel, SDSU astronomer and director of the Mount Laguna Observatory is providing maintenance to an observatory-local network camera.

Image of July 14, 2007:

Solar panels at a network site, after Jim Hale reinforced their surface with polycarbonate plates to better protect them from a potential for getting damaged.

Image of July 7, 2007:

A fire in south San Diego county on July 6, 2007, as seen via a network camera from an HPWREN backbone site. A large almost 500MB MJPEG animation has the full 1600x1200 resolution of the camera. Note that while MJPEG is a very common format, it is not supported in Microsoft Windows (as far as I know), and may require installing other tools (e.g., mplayer).

Image of June 30, 2007:

Moon over the Pacific Ocean, as seen from Point Loma. Click on the image for an overnight time lapse animation.

Image of June 23, 2007:

Two views of a four-microphone array, part of a collaboration with the UCLA CENS group, used as a sensor for location determination.

Image of June 16, 2007:

Little helper during a solar panel installation

Image of June 9, 2007:

Motion-detect camera time series of a Pelican flyby at a newly installed site at the National Park Service Cabrillo National Monument. /cameras/CabrilloNationalMonument.html provides direct access to camera images.

Image of June 2, 2007:

Firefighting helicopter dumping water during this week's Interagency Wildland Fire Drill

Image of May 26, 2007:

Pelicans near a soon-to-be HPWREN-connected site.

Image of May 19, 2007:

One of two new data servers for HPWREN. The other, nearly identical one, has already been in operation for the last few weeks.

Image of May 12, 2007:

CDF Air Attack handoff on May 11 over the Catalina Island fire, taken by Ron Serabia from CDF AA330. More photos are available at /firephotos/20070510-LAC-102481/.

Image of May 5, 2007:

A photo taken at a recently HPWREN-connected site....

Image of April 28, 2007:

Mid-April 2007 photo of the HPWREN-connected SDSU Sky Oaks ecological field station, taken by CDF Capt. Ron Serabia from an OV-10. Roughly comparable February 2004 photo, taken not too long after the July 2003 Coyote Fire.

Image of April 21, 2007:

A hawk, near an HPWREN site.

Image of April 14, 2007:

Antenna cable which was flattened by ice in a conduit, at the SDSU Mt. Laguna Observatory.

Image of April 4, 2007:

Jim Hale's installation of a 3MP camera at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, pointing East. The images are available at /cameras/.

Image of March 31, 2007:

One of the Mt. Laguna cameras of /cameras/, after the housing partially flooded with water: up to the electronics inside. After cleaning up and drying out the inside of the camera, it worked again! The camera had been in operation since August 2003.

Image of March 24, 2007:

Cloud view from the Santiago Peak area.

Image of March 17, 2007:

Last Sunday's fire in Orange County as seen by CDF Captain Ron Serabia while directing air drops of fire retardant.

More photos at /firephotos/20070311/

Image of March 9, 2007:

Pablo Bryant and Hans-Werner Braun after a link installation on March 7 for a 3C event.

More photos at /Photos/20070307/

Image of March 3, 2007:

Ice buildup on Toro Peak towers, as seen from an automated network camera.

Image of February 24, 2007:

Jim Hale, driving equipment back to San Diego from the San Francisco AAAS 2007 annual meeting exhibit.

Image of February 17, 2007:

Spring Strahm, Program Scientist at the San Diego State University Field Stations Programs, demonstrates water sensors via an audio/video link from the field to the AAAS meeting exhibit in San Francisco.

Image of February 10, 2007:

Test for the presentations at this week's AAAS 2007 conference exhibit. Several real-time presentations will be shown, this one utilizes multiple screens to communicate with the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

The time data streams are displayed on the Mobile INteractive Imaging Multidisplay Environment (MiniMe - system developed by the Center for Earth Observations and Applications, UCSD.

Image of February 3, 2007:

View towards a beaver dam at the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

Image of January 27, 2007:

Maintenance trip to an HPWREN backbone site, with help by CDF and the San Diego Sheriff's Department, due to mountain-top accessibility issues. This enabled mainenance on backbone and access links, installation of a remotely-programmable power distribution strip, and for re-installation of a rain bucket with the weather station. More photos are at /Photos/20070124/.

Image of January 20, 2007:

First attempt of a Distance Learning/Exploration demo for an upcoming conference with the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. The left screen shows a real-time sensor data web site and a Skype video connection, while the right screen shows near-real-time data from an eight megapixel network camera.

Image of January 13, 2007:

HPWREN antenna at the CDF Helitack base, after the antenna was moved to a somewhat different location to avoid a tree that grew into the path.

Image of January 6, 2007:

A hawk, sitting on a GPS receiver and next to an HPWREN antenna.