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Image of November 26, 2011:

View of the San Diego Supercomputer Center from the roof of the Calit2 building.

Image of November 19, 2011:

Early morning San Diego city lights, as seen from a networked camera at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of November 12, 2011:

Pablo Bryant and Jim Hale, repairing an antenna at an HPWREN backbone site.

Image of November 5, 2011:

Jim Hale, submerging a real-time networked underwater camera in the river during a workshop at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

Image of October 29, 2011:

Activities at CalFire's Ramona Air Attack Base, as seen by a networked motion-detect camera.

Image of October 22, 2011:

"ladder view" of data connectivity equipment at Station 79 on Palomar Mountain.

Image of October 15, 2011:

360-degree surround view from the top of a firefighter vehicle ladder at Station 79 on Palomar Mountain.

Image of October 8, 2011:

Co-location rack space with power generator backup at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, to which the HPWREN equipment at SDSC was recently transitioned.

Image of October 1, 2011:

"Great Fire" as seen southeast of a network camera on Volcan Mountain.

Image of September 24, 2011:

Practice run for a LIVE presentation from the balcony of the NPS Cabrillo National Monument lighthouse.

Photo by Pablo Bryant

Image of September 17, 2011:

Early morning light shows the shadow of Mount Woodson on top of the fog layer, as seen by an automated HPWREN network camera.

Image of September 10, 2011:

Replaced HPWREN network camera at the Cal Fire Ramona Air Attack Base shows crisper and higher resolution images.

Image of September 3, 2011:

Sunrise, as seen by a network camera on Volcan Mountain.

Image of August 27, 2011:

Test setup for ad-hoc connectivity to a wireless bubble for LIVE sessions.

Image of August 20, 2011:

Relay site at Boucher Hill.

Image of August 13, 2011:

Base station of a distance test of a new type of radio.

Image of August 6, 2011:

Lightning strike, caught by an HPWREN motion-detect network camera.

Image of July 30, 2011:

Antenna and radio growth at a small tower segment. Will it impact the wind sensor on the left?

Image of July 23, 2011:

Jim Hale and Susan Teel (NPS) at the almost finished HPWREN relay for data communications for the Eagle Fire Incident Command Post.

Image of July 16, 2011:

Pablo Bryant (on top of the antenna) and Jim Hale replacing the radome (old one shown in the June 18 photo) of an antenna at an HPWREN backbone site under windy conditions.

Image of July 9, 2011:

Wildlife near an HPWREN backbone site on Mount Laguna.

Photo by Monika Braun

Image of July 2, 2011:

Aerial dance in front of an HPWREN network camera. This image was found and submitted to HPWREN staff by a user of the cameras web pages.

Image of June 25, 2011:

New set of environmental network cameras in the Volcan Mountain area atop a TDVNet tower.

Image of June 18, 2011:

Antenna damage at an HPWREN backbone site.

Image of June 11, 2011:

Jolly Roger hoisted above the HPWREN antenna at the SDSU Mount Laguna Observatory, as part of the planning process for a replacement tower.

Photo by Paul Etzel, Director - Mount Laguna Observatory

Image of June 4, 2011:

Met sensor installation on San Clemente Island.

Photo by Glen Offield

Image of May 28, 2011:

Antennas, some of them HPWREN's, on a microwave tower.

Image of May 21, 2011:

New met sensor with Jim Hale at an HPWREN backbone site.

Image of May 14, 2011:

View of a USFS fire outlook tower from a repair trip to an HPWREN backbone site. A slightly offset right eye view can be combined with the right equipment (e.g., 120Hz display and shutter glasses) to achieve a stereoscopic view.

Image of May 7, 2011:

Pelicans ar Point Loma, as seen by a motion-detect network camera at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of April 30, 2011:

Sunrise over San Diego, as seen by a network camera at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of April 23, 2011:

More winter damage at an HPWREN backbone site. In this image the camera enclosure arm is partially broken off.

Image of April 16, 2011:

Damaged antenna connector at an HPWREN site, likely due to dropping ice, resulting in partial loss of a link.

Image of April 9, 2011:

Meteorological sensor deployment at a Tribal Digital Village Network site.

Image of April 2, 2011:

Bench-test setup of a soon to be deployed HPWREN/TDVnet interface router, as well as additional meteorological sensors.

Image of March 26, 2011:

Osprey perching in front of a network camera at Point Loma.

Image of March 19, 2011:

Japan 9.0 earthquake

This figure shows the broadband velocity seismogram recorded on the ANZA seismic network ( This seismogram was recorded at station HWB which is located about 9000 km from the earthquake source. All stations in the ANZA network recorded excellent data and worked flawlessly while acquiring realtime data through HPWREN.

Image and caption by Frank Vernon

Image of March 12, 2011:

New San Jacinto Fault Zone Experiment borehole strong-motion sensor station at South East Table Mountain (SETM).

Photo by Glen Offield

Image of March 5, 2011:

Kimberly Mann Bruch, during an interactive LIVE event at the Point Loma NPS Cabrillo National Monument. The session included video, presentation slides, and participant text windows.

Image of February 26, 2011:

Wolf in snow, at the California Wolf Center.

Image of February 19, 2011:

Desert view from Mount Laguna.

Image of February 12, 2011:

During an NPS/StSS LIVE event for the NPS National Leadership Council on February 8, Tavio del Rio and Robert Munson (middle) are presenting Living History, with Susan Teel narrating, and Richard Jenkins operating the camara near the tidepools at the Cabrillo National Monument. Monika Braun (front) is holding the prompter for the narrator. The NLC audience was at the University of Maryland.

Image of February 5, 2011:

Aircraft carrier, as seen by a network camera at the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of January 29, 2011:

The inside or a new experimental 4.9GHz radio.

Image of January 22, 2011:

Installation on a microwave tower on Mt. Woodson, near Ramona.

Image of January 15, 2011:

Early morning view of downtown San Diego, as seen from the NPS Cabrillo National Monument.

Image of January 8, 2011:

Sun rise over Mesa Grande.

Image of January 1, 2011:

Firefighter helicopter on Lyons Peak.