August 1, 2003

HPWREN Collaborates with SDSU to Link the San Diego Sheriff's Department with the County Fair

Last month, the HPWREN team provided a high-speed link to the San Diego County Fair so that the Sheriff's Department could test the capabilities of 45Mbps data connectivity during a major metropolitan event. Additionally, HPWREN researchers deployed a high-resolution network camera as well as a pan/tilt/zoom video camera, and also extended the network with another 45Mbps link from the Fair site to the Sheriff's communications operations base.


In addition to the 45 Mbps link, HPWREN researchers installed high-resolution remote-control cameras for the San Diego County Fair wireless demonstration.

"This cooperative effort with HPWREN will allow the Sheriff's Department to develop rapidly deployable technologies to assist in the management of major events such as the County Fair," says Chris Hinshaw, Assistant Manager of the Sheriff's Wireless Services Division. "These technologies will help to ensure the public safety and the National Homeland Defense."


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