May 10, 2003

HPWREN-Connected TDVNet Celebrates Second Year Anniversary

The Tribal Digital Village Network (TDVNet) recently celebrated their second year of HPWREN connectivity at an event located at the Pala, Rincon, and La Jolla Native American reservations. The anniversary celebration included formal presentations by TDVNet staff, tours of connected sites such as the Pala Learning Center, and exhibits detailing TDVNet application projects.

tdvnet celebration

With more than half of 18 San Diego County tribes connected to the high-speed Internet and several educational programs now implemented, the TDVNet team has accomplished many of the goals set forth by the Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association, which was awarded a grant from Hewlett Packard Corporation to fund the TDVNet.

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"We recently started a distance learning program over the Internet using Sony Video Conferencing Equipment," explains Jack Ward, TDVNet administrator. "The first session included a doctor and nuitritionist going over heathly diet concepts with a few high school students."

The network also allows the recently established TDVNet Mobile Health Van to access high-speed network connectivity when they are near one of the HPWREN-connected sites.

"We look forward to having a robust stable network that will not only serve our needs as tribal sovereign nations, but will compliment and help support the leading edge programs that HPWREN has engaged in and plans to demonstrate in the future," SCTCA Executive Director Denis Turner said in a recent letter to the HPWREN team. "We hope to be a long time associate with HPWREN, and be able to become, perhaps a junior partner rather than a student, in exploring how technology can practically improve and support the lives and institutions of not only the Native people of our area, but for all."


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