November 1, 2002

HPWREN Stretches 72 Miles from the Coast
to Support Research Site on San Clemente Island

san clemente island connectivity

Last month, the HPWREN team collaborated with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego) to provide high-speed network access to a field science site on San Clemente Island. The 72-mile link is by far the longest of HPWREN access links that operate within the unlicensed 2.4GHz band.

The October 16 installation activity on San Clemente Island included establishing a broadband connection to HPWREN, implementing a seismograph station, and installing a weather station.

san clemente island connectivity

John Unwin of Scripps Institution of Oceanography installs the newly HPWREN-connected seismograph station, located on San Clemente Island.

The station, which consists of a seismic sensor, datalogger, and GPS receiver, allows scientists to collect data vital to better understanding seismic activity along the southern California coastline.

Participants in the San Clemente Island activity included HPWREN Principal Investigator (PI) Hans-Werner Braun, HPWREN co-PI Frank Vernon; SSC-San Diego engineers David Hannum and Hal Holmerud; Scripps Institution of Oceanography technician John Unwin; and HPWREN systems administrators James Hale and Bud Hale.

san clemente island connectivity
The San Clemente Island science site receives its HPWREN connectivity via 40-inch grid antennas.

"We are excited about this recent collaboration at San Clemente with SSC-San Diego," says Braun. "This newly established long-distance access link not only lets seismologists more efficiently collect needed data for their studies, it also allows network researchers like myself to determine just how far we can push the network."

This gyro compass was utilized to calibrate and orient the seismograph station that was installed at the HPWREN-connected San Clemente field science site.

san clemente island connectivity

Additional photographs regarding the San Clemente connectivity are available at https://cdn.hpwren.ucsd.edu/images/sites.html#Clemente.


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