September 5, 2002

HPWREN Adds Another Node to its 45 Mbps Backbone

Toro Peak Antennas Provide Remote Scientists and Educators with High-Speed Network Connectivity

Last month, the HPWREN team completed a 70-kilometer link using 45 Mbps radios between Toro Peak and Mount Laguna to provide Internet connectivity to Toro Peak and beyond. Not only does the Toro node allow field seismologists and ecologists access to a high-speed network, but it will also provide educators on the rural Santa Rosa Native American Reservation with a broadband connection to the Internet.

toro peak installation

"The Toro node plays a crucial role in the continued development of the ANZA seismic network which monitors earthquakes in southern California from the San Jacinto fault in Riverside county to the Mexican border," says SIO geophysicist Frank Vernon, who is PI of the ANZA seismic network and co-PI of the HPWREN project. "Specifically, this connection allows research scientists like me to send and receive continuous real-time data from permanent and temporary remote field stations and facilities."

Currently, there are approximately 20 seismic sensors on the ANZA network that are connected via the Toro node of HPWREN.

"We have plans to connect multiple groups and facilities to HPWREN via this new backbone node," says Vernon. "These include the Kings Stormwater Bridge structural monitoring project for Caltrans and UCSD, Boyd Deep Canyon Ecological Reserve for UCSB, and the Santa Rosa Native American Reservation. Other facilities include the Garner Valley and Borrego Valley Seismic Downhole Arrays for UCSB and the Cecil and Ida Green Pinyon Flat Observatory for SIO. These new sites should be connected by the end of the year. In addition, the connectivity provided by HPWREN will greatly benefit our ROADNet project with researching the integration and dissemination of real-time environmental data acquired at these sites."

Additional photos regarding the Toro Peak site are available at https://cdn.hpwren.ucsd.edu/images/sites.html#Toro.

Additional information regarding HPWREN and geophysics applications is available at /news/011115.html and /news/010124.html.


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