High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network June 24, 2002

HPWREN Collaborates with San Diego Sheriff's Department for Tower Installation Atop Mount Laguna

The HPWREN team recently transitioned one of their backbone nodes from Stephensen Peak to Monument Peak - thanks to a collaboration with the San Diego Sheriff's Department, which provided the UC San Diego and San Diego State researchers with access to their communications facility.

Monument Peak installation

One of the 8-foot antennas on Mount Laguna points toward Cuyamaca Mountains, which is approximately 12.4 miles away, while the other points toward the Mount Laguna Observatory, about 3.6 miles away. A third 8-foot antenna will soon be installed atop Monument Peak; this additional antenna will point toward another 8-foot antenna located at Toro Peak, which is approximately 43.5 miles away.

"This transition to Mount Laguna allows us to install larger antennas than we were previously able to use, in preparation for the long-distance link to Toro Peak that is needed for various applications, including seismic sensors," said Hans-Werner Braun, HPWREN PI.

Additional photographs regarding the Mount Laguna installation at available at https://cdn.hpwren.ucsd.edu/images/sites.html#ML.


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